Quite interesting case of post COVID Paranoia 

A 75 yr old doctor himself recovered from COVID. All his tests were negative but now he suffered delirium with paranoid thinking. He was thinking that people are going to kill him. He would call up random people and say sorry to them and then said ‘I want to tell you sorry before I die’. His paranoid thoughts started at night. He also has lung fibrosis post COVID, has high IL 6 with CEA increased to125.

So I give him my anti fibrosis combo of low does HGF+low dose Trichostatin A+H2SO3+homeopathy berrylium met.  Added Anti il 6 to fix the liver and homeopathy Aconite.

The paranoid thoughts stopped in a few minutes. By next day morning he was breathing better and seemed normal. He is now walking around like nothing was happening to him since over a month. The overnight recovery is truly phenomenol.

The aconite was the clincher in the case.