A case of OCD with anxiety during COVID-19 Pandemic

A gentleman operates a family food catering business. A responsible eldest son in the family.
During this pandemic, he had withdrawn himself, started getting angry easily and ask wife and son to go back to her family house. They lived together in his parents house which operates food catering business. He was very scared that his parents, siblings, wife and son might contract COVID19. His behaviour changed, he bacame OCD with excessive hand washing, observed others and demanded everybody in the house to wash their hands. He started being verbally abusive towards workers, washed all clothes over and over again. He was always paranoid about COVID and everyones hygiene around him.

After consulted Dr Tariq we put him on homeopathy syphilinum 1M 2-3 drops given as a single dose. Mom told that he had positive behaviour 1 hour after taking  drops. Became friendly towards family, having meal together back to normal. Mom was so happy. Siblings are happy and surprised.
Thanks dr Tariq😊