Urine E Coli infection affecting BP  

A 47 year old male patient suddenly developed very significant terminal haematuria following an antiparasite treatment. He was also experiencing fever (even rigors) especially in the evenings. He lost appetite quite significantly.
Before that we had unsuccessfully tried for many months to bring down his blood pressure without using pharmaceutical drugs; his BP fluctuated between 150-160/95-110.
Following the haematuria a CT Scan revealed a suspicious lesion in the bladder and another suspicious solitary sclerotic bone lesion on L2.
I started him on homeopathy Terebinthina, Carcinocin, low dose AntiCancer Combo and later homeopathy Tuberculinum was added 2 days later, when the fever won’t subside.
In 48 hours the bleeding stopped completely but the fever kind of persisted.
He went to see a urologist who told him to come for some very expensive procedure (well over $2,000) and biopsy, but the patient couldn’t afford it.
His urine culture showed E. Coli, so homeopathic E. Coli was given. AFter 2 days the fever was completely gone.
And his BP became 120/90. Dr. Tariq has advised that he continues with the medicines for some time.