Sore throat

Recently I had bad sore throat lasting for about 2 weeks with minimal whitish phlegm stuck in the throat for which I took phosphorus with no improvement. No cough, fever or pain going to ear. Throat was feeling like a splinter in it so Dr Tariq suggested I use Hepar sul and phytolacca which improved only by about 10%
With Dr Tariq’s advice I took one dose of Sepia as I had increase thirst at night. I developed severe aggravation. All my cervical lymph nodes swelled up, felt a little chilly and had gastritis which was gone for many years. Stopped sepia, however continued Hepar sul and phytolacca. In the next 2 days my sore throat improved by 50% and was gone in 4 days.. My cervical nodes subsided and other aggravation all settled.
Thank you Dr Tariq

This case is pretty simple, high serotonin in her was causing immunosuppression (being too calm also has its side effects), viruses frequently increase serotonin to evade immune responses. With sepia we were able to drop the serotonin and allow her immune system to kill the infection. Phyto and hepar started working after the sepia dose