Omicron in a toddler

3 and a half year old with previous history of kawasaki disease with underlying few aortic aneurysms on low dose aspirin frm Cardio. He got infected with the new Omicron B5 strain.

On day 1 heart rate was 160 per min and fever 39. Post few doses of belladonna 1M the fever settled and heart rate returned to less thn 120 over 2 days.

On day 2 he woke up screaming and crying with abdomen pain and vomiting. He was already on antivirals 2 hourly and klotho prophylaxis. Assuming slight acidosis due to the aspirin I asked the mum to give him ORS and ipecac. Within an hour his tummy pain was better and was given cal phos as well later and by mid day he told the mum he feels back to normal.

Subsequently developed a bad chesty cough with white sputum. Low dose H2O2 and Ruta was given along with flumucil as he didn’t know how to expectorate. By Day 6 his oxygen is back to 99 % on air and he has minimum sputum.