Ductal Ectasia

A 49 year old menopausal lady complained of very tender breasts bilaterally with grey discharge from one breast. The blood test showed Epstein barr virus positivity and hormones confirmed that she was menopausal though estrogens were highish.

Her pain was very stinging in nature and she was rather haughty in nature often forgetting small things. She felt mostly better in a cold environment. The ultrasound confirmed blocked milk ducts suggestive of Ductal Ectasia and she had very dense breasts bilaterally with many cystic lesions.

I gave her homeopathy Silicea 30c, Apis 200c, Epstein barr nosode, Ruta 6x and Conium 200c all 4 drops BD and added the estrogen blocker too all 4 drops BD.

A week later on review there was no more pain, no more discharge and the breasts were both soft to palpate. Ultrasound showed no more fluid in the ducts with few scanty scattered cysts that were shrinking.

Note : The grey discharge helped diagnose ductal ectasia; post which sillicea (EGFR blocker), apis (COX2 blocker, stinging pain), ruta (ductal relaxant and antiviral), conium (proapoptotic agent) and Epstein barr nosode cleared the issues.