A case of insomia

A medical doctor appearing for her post graduate entrance exams called to ask if doing some Marijuana would help her sleep, she could not sleep at night and was hence groggy in morning, her motivation seemed to be waning.
In the night her brain was working and did not stop.
This was an apt case of homeopathy gelsemium which calms excessive thinking.
Gelsemium 1M 4 drops at night were given, along with oral cytokine BDNF and GDNF in the morning to help her focus.
The next day she called saying she slept for 5 hours straight with a restful deep sleep. After 3 days her mom called saying she herself took the gelsemium seeing how it made the daughter sleep and she also slept well with it.
Gelsemium helps insomia from a constantly active brain; great for students during exams and people who worry about the future a lot.
GDNF and BDNF helped to increase dopamine. Interesting bit – her prolactin levels were raised a bit, the dopamine agonist activity of GDNF must have lowered the high prolactin too because the scaling on scalp stopped.