Patient aged 27 complained of feeling unable to breathe, she would start crying during these bouts, it was as if her respiration would stop.
Chest X ray and lung function tests came out normal. There was no diagnosis for her condition. Few years ago she had suffered from same issue; it had resolved spontaneously in about a month. But this time it was more strong issue and was not going away.

Blood tests showed a high LDL, so we started her on low dose evolocumab with folliculinum. Next day she was feeling better but not fully recovered.
On asking menstrual history she said that the periods were scanty. Homeopathy Sepia was the obvious choice considering the estrogen was low (and LDL was high). Sepia 200C 4_4_4 was given for a day.
The next day all breathlessness had resolved. Now its been a month now with no breathlessness issues. The periods were back to normal self.

Note :

  • High LDL in women indicates low estrogen (their menstrua history and blood test is used to diagnose).
  • Low serotonin can cause panic attacks which look like hypoxia and breathlesness.