PMS stress migraines

36 years old single lady. C/o diagnosis of vestibular migraine and very heavy menses with pain 2 weeks before mensus and bleeding 1 week. So only 1 week pain free per month, She has been suffering since her early 20’s.
Labs didn’t show much.
Put her on grains free diet, Magnesium and homeopathy Gelsemium 200c.
Giddiness gone. Migraines gone.
Pre menstrual pain reduced to 2 days before menses. Menstrual bleeding is also now less, now 3 to 4 days. Patient so happy.
Thank you Dr.T…for amazing teaching

Note : In Stress migraines we have to differentiate between sepia and gelsimium.

  • In sepia the patient is better after vomiting.
  • In gelsimium patients is better usually after urination. Also in gelsium patient gets migraine with dizziness after thinking too much. Gelsimium is useful in tachykinin induced stress migraines

  • Pulsatilla helps in congestive migraines.