Fibroids with severe pain

A lady 30+ yo P1 .LCB 12 yrs ago c/o suprapubic pain since 2019. She been to hospitals and other GPs before and was told NAD. Her pain is very severe on touching and it was present 24/7. Her menses was heavy with clots she was crying when I was talking to her because of pain. I could feel a lump just above the suprabic area about 12 weeks size of POA. After stat dose of pulsatilla, nux vomica and fibroid combo I was easily able to examine her (with no more pain) and found to have uterine fibroid. We confirmed wih ultrasound. She will continue fibroid combo and will come for review on D1 menses. kiv treat her menorrhagia

Pulsatilla was given for crying and vascular lesions. Nux vomica worked for spasms and fibroid combo for fibroid combo.

Her painscore was 7/ 10 even without menses and just after 1st dose of treatment her pain went away. She was suffering from hypoxia pain where the fibroid grows and then runs out of blood and degenerates, in some pyometra like cases also they have bad pain when fibroid degenerates.