Fainting bouts

A 60 year old lady with no history of BP or diabetes came with complaint of anger bouts in which she would start sweating and then all of a sudden collapse and become unconscious. After a minute she would wake up; not knowing she was angry and did not remember she had fainted. She would resume conversation like normal. She was very sensitive to any criticism.

The anger bouts pointed to homeopathy staphysagria but the fainting bouts did not; they pointed to vasovagal syncope – her nervous system was getting overloaded and was dropping her BP.
Laurocerasus is the indicated remedy for vasovagal attacks. I had treated a patient many years ago who used to faint while passing stools with laurocerasus.

I gave both laurocerasus and staphysagria to the patient.
In 3 days all fainting bouts stopped, anger bouts completely went and patient felt like her old self again. Now on being criticized she brushes it off saying – people will always talk, what to do.

Future plan is to put her on 3 months of beta endorphin to supplement her. Will do a tilt table test to confirm healing of vaso vagal syncopes.