Bell’s Palsy

51 year old male diabetic patient who had left Bell’s palsy in 2020 and then Right Bell’s palsy post 2nd dose of Sinovac in July 2021. Then after booster Sinovac he developed lost of balance, difficulty in focussing and headache. Involvement of right cranial nerves 3,6,7 and problem of severe pain behind right eye.

I saw him about a month later and under advice from Dr Tariq gave low dose Lambda and homeopathy Causticum 200C and eye pain settled within 1 week.

Viral studies showed both EBV and HSV positive. Started on homeopathy Ars alb, Carcinosin, Jacaranda, Nat Mur & Merc solubis all at 200C 4-4-4 for HSV along with low dose EBV nosode and antiviral combo. In 1 week power of right eye showed improvement and by 3 weeks right eye essentially has normal function; when tested still weak at extreme of eye movement. Now left eye pressure borderline high so Eye combo and Lachesis given.