Complex case of asthma

Patient came 2 weeks ago with breathlessness which started after malaria; was put on an inhaler.

Lung xray was clear, CBC showed high WBC counts and high eosinophils, high IGE of 8000 plus.

Gave nat sul, hayfever combo. Patient felt better on drinking warm water and had reactions to citrus fruits, had increased thirst with dry chapped lips — was hence given ars alb+nat mur. Also gave curzinc since IGE was so high. Next week when the patient came she was overall better but still required to take the inhaler at night only (first it used to be 4 times a day and yet she could not breathe well).

She now told a symptom of a choked nose which worsened at night. I suspected LPR since the choked nose was only when she lied down, there was no discharge. Gave her chelidonium (history of malarial liver damage, chelidonium is a part of drug iberogard for acid reflux). After 2 days of it she is off the inhaler and asymptomatic. We need to recheck IGE now and treat till its normal. Chelidonium is useful in maxillary sinusitis caused by acid reflux and can be used with lyco and causticum.