HPV warts

42 years old lady who contracted HPV infection from her husband has practiced sexual abstenence for more than 6 months. She’s upset that he had transmitted HPV to her. She presented with vulval ‘skin tags’ out of the blue and was confirmed by gynaecologist it was HPV infection by smear test. She was told the HPV strain could lead to cervical cancer and was instructed 6 monthly pap smear for early detection plus do nothing in between. She asked me how long she has to keep observing and this uncertainty has made her stressful and anxious. I am unsure why the gynaecologist did not offer her gadarsil.

In either case she also gave history of right sided wobbly knees complaint when I discussed her case with Dr Tariq about the HPV issue (I thought there is no connection between her knees and her vulval viral warts). She was also easily fatigued with stress/physical exhaustion of keeping the restaurant buisness (husband and wife team) afloat with lessser staffs during lockdown. We gave her homeopathy conium, low dose antiviral combo and Epstein barr nosode (EBV positive). She defaulted follow up visit for 3 months. She ran out of most of the medicines less than 1 month ago. Today she showed up, apologised for disappearing/defaulting. At follow up visit she had completely forgottten she had wobbly knees and informed that her vulval warts have reduced in size more than 70%! Now gonna give her more conium to reduce the warts further till complete resolution. Thx dr T….