Sexual abuse trauma 

A bit of an interesting case to share:

In Dec 2018, a boy then about 11 or 12 years of age was brought to me by parents. He hardly would talk to anyone (No, he was not born dumb), sometimes smiles to himself (usually out of place), often writes meaningless things, and could become rebellious and stubborn.
His parents said this has been going on for over 2 years. He’s consulting with Psychiatrists at a government Psychiatrist Hospital where they have been giving him Ritalin and some other antidepressants.
On probing more the parents told me the boy admitted that he was sexually abused by an older niece of his when he went on holiday at the niece’s family; and the niece confirmed his claims.
Now, this was 4 years ago when I had not known Dr. Tariq.
So, I placed the boy on a liquid supplement called Behavior Balance DMG and some other supplements. The parents claimed this helped him to some extent but after a while he relapsed.

On 09 February 2022, the parents brought the boy back after I called to ask after him. They said he has relapsed so much that he wouldn’t sleep at night, is often restless, he gets occasionally violent, still would not verbalise much (just some monosyllables), and is not making any progress with academics.
The mother was so concerned because one time when her husband was out of town the boy, one day, locked her up in the kitchen while she was making his food. It took hours before the boy opened the door.

So, I gave them Aconite, Lycopodium and Staphysagria .
Initially, the behaviour changed positively except that he still would not speak, but was calm, sleeps better and no longer restless or bangs the door.

Just when the family were rejoicing over the change in behaviour he suddenly started being aggressive again. So, I told them to stop the medications for a few days, and then re-start them again by giving them only once a day.

Following a re-start of the trio drugs he started doing well again. When they brought him to my clinic 3 days ago he looked happier but wouldn’t respond to my attempts on conversation.
So, I gave them LSD to be given just once for one night only.
Now, they called today to say since the dose of LSD the boy has been happy, now greets the mother in the morning, asking if he could help her with some chores, and the teacher said he now makes contributions at discussions in the classroom.