A lady in her late 30s reported with chief complain of Alopecia since last 7 yrs.

After covid, the patch started increasing in size. She had history of full body itching – itching till it bleeds. She also has hypothyroid, hairfall, dandruff. According to the history we started with lyco, sulphur, staphy, sepia and deworming was done.

Within 12 days slight blackness was seen as in pic 2. We further asked her to start gluten free diet. To which she responded well. We then started Wheatgerm med and Arnica, alumina and natmur along with vit D n polybion czs. She still had some itching on skin. We then started with petroleum for extremely dry skin and phytolacca as antifungal. And lastly gave her Immusil.

You can see the progress in alopecia patch with subsequent photos.