Rheumatoid arthritis

A 40 yr old female patient with rheumatoid arthritis since past 8 years came in to seek treatment. She was on methotrexate, corticosteroids, plaquenil and anti IL 6 blocker (actemra – Tocilizumab). 

The complaints included painful joints of fingers, insomnia and excess fatigue. The joints were painful in the morning and the pain would increase by evening after full days of work. She reported pain to be better on rest and also that she has increased thirst. She noted that her autoimmune condition had started after the stressor event. She has as autistic child and after this her symptoms had started.

She was put on homeopathy Ignatia to relieve stress. After a day she reported normal sleep, however, her joint pain did not improve with ignatia. She was then put on oral cytokines VIP and Trichostatin A, dose 20 drops BD. After about a week we were able to stop her steroids and methotrexate. After another 2 weeks we stopped actemra.

As the patient still had little pain after about a month, she was given homeopathy bryonia (modality of patient being better on rest); with just 3 days after the bryonia patient reported that all her pain were gone and now the patient was off plaquenil too. Bryonia regulates vasopressin.The hypervigilance behaviour required as a mother with an autistic child had triggered abnormal vasopressin oxytocin responses leading to autoimmune arthritis.

On side note her autistic child was given croc, a month before we started treatment of the mother. By then the child had started stringing words together and forming sentences. As the stressor also improved the mothers response to the treatment also improved. 


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