Case of viral fever

A small child aged 9 came with 103 fever, headache, constant dry body, severe body pains, unable to sleep.

For fever – Gave eupat perf 1m.4_4_4, low dose anti viral and emetine.

The cough was worse on both sitting and lying down position but more worse on sitting up. No thirst changes were there. No improvement on hot water, no throat pains except for difficulty in swallowing due to cough causing injury to larynx. Gave drosera 200c.4_4_4 for this.

The body pains were’nt better with heat and there was lack of sleep. Gave gelsemium 200c.4_4_4

Child responded well; the next day all fevere, cough, pains subsided.
She had weakness left though, could not walk as the legs gave out. Jelly legs required conium. Gave a single dose on conium. On day 2 all weakness has gone and she is running around.

Note : It is imperative to listen to the patient modalities carefully to understand what meds are required.

For this covid strain always use antiviral with emetine.