DNS / Mouth Breathing / Chronic Sinusitis

A 38 year old female patient complained of mouth breathing since pregnancy, atrophic rhinitis (torn skin of nostrils inner surface), bad smell in nose. She would wake up in the middle of the night gasping for breath and would wash nostrils with water to get the mucus out and to get relief from dry nose. She had 90% blocked left nostril with deviated nasal septum (DNS) and had been advised surgery by ENT. Patient could not undergo the procedure as her child was 9 months old and she was feeding the child.

She was prescribed homeopathy Luffa Operculata, Kalibichro, Lemna Minor and proprietary oral antifungal combo drops. In just 2 weeks the patient got relief and was able to breathe normally through both the nostrils. 

She was also suffering from chronic sinusitis since past 7 years along with severe headaches. Her chronic complaints also cleared up and her face and cheeks were not tender to touch anymore. She also reported that her recurrent sore throat infection had stopped and follow-up revealed that she did not have a relapse in 2 years after the treatment.