Anxiety panic attack

A 30 year old single lady who stays with her mother came in with complaints of panic attacks.   Since about a month she was in a low mood, with poor sleep and poor appetite. She has been having panic attacks with palpitations in increasing frequency usually twice a week. Day before coming in she had 7 episodes of panic attack and she said she got relieved by pressing the tip of her nostrils. Patient felt that she had not achieved anything in her life and the triggering factor was her birthday last week. Patient was tearful, with reflux symptoms more in the nights. She was quite thirstless, she would force herself to drink water regularly. Her vital parameters, blood investigations were normal.  She was given a dose of homeopathy aconite 1M. When she gave feedback of feeling better the next day, she was started on homeopathy Pulsatilla 1 M 4 drops BD. Within a few days her mood was better, she slept well and she got no panic attacks.