Yesterdays case of anxiety

This is the patients message to me yesterday.
My mother had health issues 2 weeks back. I was worried and tensed during the whole week. And after everything was sorted I was still not able to come back to normal. Still the anxiety has continued. I am bit tensed and nervous always. I also get shoulder and neck pain along with with headache. I am also having severe gastric problem since then. I am getting loud burps before and after having food. Also sometimes I get disturbed sleep. Can please you advise me medicine.

Gave her homeopathy ignatia with lycopodium yesterday.

This is message to me now.
Hello Doctor. I had taken medicine yesterday. By last night before I slept I was feeling a lot better. Had a good sleep. Now also I am feeling better. But I feel a bit tiredness. Previously also it was there. But after I burp I feel less tired. But overall I am feeling better.