A patient with a past history of cardiovascular issues and 30% ejection fraction developed a cough with hemoptysis. His scans showed an increased pulmonary hypertension of 90 mm Hg. It used to be at 40 mm Hg a few months ago (normal should be less than 30). He was given various cough medicines by the pulmonologist and cardiologist but the hemoptysis continued.

I checked his serum calcium level and ionic calcium. Both were low. He was on oral calcium tablets 1000 mg every day for a few months and yet it was low.

We gave him homeopathy cal carb 200c 4 drops once a day for 3 days. After 3 days the hemoptysis stopped and his cough reduced to almost nothing.

Rationale : High IL 18 can push calcium into blood vessels worsening atherosclerosis causing both the elevation in pulmonary hypertension and a reduced calcium levels. HisĀ  PTH and calcitonin were both normal. Calcium is required in blood clotting.

Cal carb blocked IL 18 allowing calcium to increase and clot blood also reducing pulmonary hypertension.