Heart Failure

I have very interesting case to share of a lady who developed heart failure post 2 doses of Pfi Vac and became very severely ill with Ejection fraction of 32% after her boost shot.
She is a 66 year old Caucasian lady with long standing history of diabetes mellitus and hypertension and was in AF for several years; managed solely by the govt Dr’s but when she went into heart failure she was flown to Singapore to see a cardiologist who changed her meds and basically put her on lasix 20mg BD, entresto 50mg BD, bisoplrolol as well as apixaban. Over 1 month from seeing the cardiologist she began feeling extremely lethargic and her pro BNP levels were on rise (from 800 plus on diagnosis 2 months ago to 1300 a month ago then jumped to 1800 2 weeks ago). At this juncture they brought her to me. Her BP was low at 98/ 56 and pulse between 50 to 60 per min. Very minimal pedal edema and mild bibasal creps.

So I started her on the following

CoQ10 150mg BD
Thiamine 100mg daily
HGF 20 drops BD
CMV/ emetine 5 drops BD
Antivirals 20 drops BD
Solidago 200c 4 drops BD
Imusil 1BD (patient also has fatty liver)

After 10 days we repeated her pro BNP as she was feeling really good and was back to her normal activities. The pro BNP has halved! No more decreased effort tolerance on climbing stairs and no more pedal edema.

HGF and CMV with imusil were the key remedies here.