Suicidal thoughts

A recently divorced 32 yr old lady came in with severe depression and suicidal. She had started punching walls to bruise herself. She was feeling worthless. She had primary infertility due to bilateral fallopian tube strictures. She also complained of loss of appetite and she had lost 8kg in 2 months.

She visited a psychiatrist and was put on a SSRI. She became lot worse after that. She refused to increase the dose. Hence she came in to seek second opinion.

I put her on homeopathy Ignatia 10M 4 drops BD. And after 5 days for follow up visit she walked in clinic very calm and composed. There was no more crying. No more bruising of knuckles, her appetite had also improved. She was feeling happy and relived now!

Thank you Dr tariq for the knowledge that saved this lady form suicide.