Case of tamoxifen withdrawal

Yesterday I had a frantic call from a patient. She had stopped tamoxifen as advised by her oncologist after 7 yrs of cancer remission. She developed continuous crying and suicidal thoughts. She was about to commit suicide.
She was edematous, with excessive hunger, would cry in her room and not allow anyone inside, has chapped lips, excessive thirst, constipated which was better only after drinking water, skin was dry and no sweat was there, she had develop severe eczema which was worse after a hot water bath.

This pointed to nat mur – quietly crying and chapped lips — high cortisol, water retention.
Bryonia – excessive hunger, dry and no urination.
Lachesis – eczema worse on hot water.

All 3 homeopathics were given and after 10 min the suicidal thoughts stopped, crying stopped and she finally slept. She is emotionally stable today, has passed a lot of urine and stool.

Tamoxifen withdrawal does cause sudden changes in estradiol which have effects on cortisol, vasopressin and inflammatory pla2.

Her further treatment will be with low dose LSD (cancer recurrence thoughts), leptin resistance (gained weight), oxytocin (no orgasms), akkermansia (sugar cravings).