Omicron B5 in elderly patient

A 66 year old man with IHD presented on day 3 of Covid Omicron B5 with a chesty cough, high fever and oxygen sat of 95%on air. I stopped his aspirin and continued plavix.

Started on low dose antiviral, klotho, hepar sul and kali bichro as sputum was green yellow.

After 5 days most of the sputum cleared up and he has a cough with minimum white sputum so I added antifibrosis combo.

By day 8 he began having sharp chest pain –angina like. The ECG was normal but the BP was low at 100/60 (his normal BP is 140/80). We had tried anti IL 6 with Nat mur but pain still carried on; so I decided to stop it and add imusil and double the dose of coq10. Within 24 hours there was no more chest pain and oxygen back to 99%; no exertional dyspnoea and cough completely resolved.