Herpes zoster neuropathy

A patient had herpes a week ago, the lesions had healed but left arm pain was there.
I did a phone consult and hence could not make out too much about the pain type.
I did give the usual low dose antiviral combo, Epstein barr nosode and homeopathy rhus tox (better on heat), lachesis but after 2 days the pain did not improve much. Patient required 2 paracetamols together for pain control.
I was quite confused about the pain, so I asked her to describe the pain some more.

She began by saying that i cannot even lift a cup, my hand trembles.

That was a pretty weird description of pain. Ataxia is seen when the dorsal horn of the spinal cord is affected by herpes causing sensory neuropathy.
Promptly I gave her homeopathy podophyllum. Within 10 minutes she slept and after 2 hours about 50 percent of the pain cleared. She is continuing to improve daily.