Lung infection

A 97 years old, frail man, ex heavy smoker with COPD and lung scarring with recurrent lung infections, with also a history of dementia and prostrate cancer. He has been bed bound for a few years. Can’t swallow due to muscle wasting and is on tube feeding. Recently he was admitted with chest infection and increased sputum production. His sputum was thick, yellow in colour and would require suctioning every 2 to 3 hours. Every now and then he would vomit out coffee ground contents despite tolerating tube feeds. He was put on multiple courses of antibiotics, including Rx for MRSA in the hospital. The phlegm still persisted even after use of steroids, though it helped a bit. He would still have very thick, tenacious sputum congesting his airways and would cause severe bronchospasms and terrible wheezing. Finally after 5 weeks of hospital stay and completed the antibiotics course, he was sent home and was asked to continue home care for him. 

Once at home care he was given DNAse, ozone, Trichostatin A, antiviral combo, with homeopathic remedies solidago Q, and nat mur to increase his sodium level and also bacillinum 4 drops twice a week. 

After only the 1st dose of all the above, in about 3 to 4 hours, all his sputum/secretions disappeared permanently. He was no longer chesty and slept very well. Next day, he opened his eyes wide, called his son’s name, asked for his daughter and another son (by their name) and asked a few relevant questions about them. He started speaking coherently and clearly in a few dialects with his son. He asked for his favourite food. Family was quite shocked that he’s so alert and this is maintained for weeks, everyday. Son said dad was as bright as he was 3 to 4 years ago. Hence son was rather elated and amazed that the homeopathic drops gave remarkable and miraculous/unthinkable results. The caregiver was also happy because she could sleep longer hours and no longer need to do regular suctioning of secretions.

Note: The bacillinum was the clincher here. Since the remedy is made from a terminal TB patient’s lungs, it covers fungal, pseudomonas and mixed infections.However, remember that bacillinum is a very potent nosode. We don’t want to drive inflammation too much. Hence dose is 4 drops twice a week, and not a daily dose. Even in fungal infections it should be used once or twice a week maximum.  

Solidago was to help expectoration, nat mur is to inc low sodium

DNAse helps to dissolve thick mucus like in cystic fibrosis and ozone acts as an antibacterial.

Trichostatin A works as an HDAC inhibitor. HDAC inhibitors are required in chronic infections to kickstart the body’s immune system by improving T cell functioning.