Epstein barr virus flare up

A family of 3, husband wife and 15 yr old son developed cough and fever. The cough was terrible. It started after 10 days of second dose of the vaccination in the father. He then infected his wife and son. The father got the worse cough.
Covid tested negative, no other infection found. Treatment with azithromycin and augmentin did nothing.
The coughing was so bad with so much nausea that nothing could be eaten and sleep was not possible. They stayed awake the whole night.
Gave them oral cytokine CRELD-1, Epstein barr nosode, Klotho. Within 3 hours the cough subsided enough to let them eat and sleep; by next day morning most of the cough had subsided.
Epstein barr virus flare up post covid or vaccination causes terrible cough, the cough can be dry or filled with stuck up phlegm and feels that its coming from deep inside.