Case of recurrent malaria

Patient had recurrent malaria; 3 times within 6 months. She is very old with a history of heart failure.
She was given lumerax by her doctor. She got an allergic reaction and developed breathlessness, had to be put on emergency oxygen.

Her WBC count was elevated, platelet count was lowering down and she had left flank pain with vomiting.

  • Left flank pain with vomiting with low platelets : it was most likely splenomegaly. Medication for this is ceonathus americana.
  • For High WBC – nat sul, Allergic reaction – apis.

  • For Malaria vivax – chenopodium antihelminthica, artemesia annua, sulphur was given in 30c.4_4_4

After a day all left flank pain had gone, she was off the oxygen and her apetite restored.

After a week without any allopathic drugs whatsoever she has recovered. The smear shows no parasites.

We can treat difficult to treat malaria which would have ideally required lumerax with primaquine or artesunate with primaquine with just the homeopathics. The recovery was immediate, actually within 2 hours her vomiting and fever went away completely.