Persistent high ESR

Persistent high ESR

Sharing my case of meningitis with persistently high ESR starting from 98 and slowly reduced to 39 (almost 9 months).

Since last 3 weeks I added on low dose curzinc and imusil.
Her ESR tremendously dropped to 3 and she lost 3 kg within a month. Power of curzinc and imusil !


Omicron in adult

Omicron in an adult

My sister in law with COVID omicron B5 had a horrendous sorethroat on day 3 and lost her voice and was super anxious as she has underlying asthma. Montelukast was given but did not relieve the tight sensation in the throat.

On examination the tongue was thickly coated so I added anticandida and betaglucan with nystatin gargles. Two days later sore throat subsided but developed a chesty cough.

Added low dose klotho, kali bichro and hepar sul and h202 and imusil.

3 days later minimum sputum so added antifibrosis combo. Its been another 3 days and she has completely recovered.


Omicron in elder

Omicron B5 in elderly patient

A 66 year old man with IHD presented on day 3 of Covid Omicron B5 with a chesty cough, high fever and oxygen sat of 95%on air. I stopped his aspirin and continued plavix.

Started on low dose antiviral, klotho, hepar sul and kali bichro as sputum was green yellow.

After 5 days most of the sputum cleared up and he has a cough with minimum white sputum so I added antifibrosis combo.

By day 8 he began having sharp chest pain –angina like. The ECG was normal but the BP was low at 100/60 (his normal BP is 140/80). We had tried anti IL 6 with Nat mur but pain still carried on; so I decided to stop it and add imusil and double the dose of coq10. Within 24 hours there was no more chest pain and oxygen back to 99%; no exertional dyspnoea and cough completely resolved.


Omicron in toddler

Omicron in a toddler

3 and a half year old with previous history of kawasaki disease with underlying few aortic aneurysms on low dose aspirin frm Cardio. He got infected with the new Omicron B5 strain.

On day 1 heart rate was 160 per min and fever 39. Post few doses of belladonna 1M the fever settled and heart rate returned to less thn 120 over 2 days.

On day 2 he woke up screaming and crying with abdomen pain and vomiting. He was already on antivirals 2 hourly and klotho prophylaxis. Assuming slight acidosis due to the aspirin I asked the mum to give him ORS and ipecac. Within an hour his tummy pain was better and was given cal phos as well later and by mid day he told the mum he feels back to normal.

Subsequently developed a bad chesty cough with white sputum. Low dose H2O2 and Ruta was given along with flumucil as he didn’t know how to expectorate. By Day 6 his oxygen is back to 99 % on air and he has minimum sputum.




Case of a doctor on Day 4 of COVID with spo2 94 to 96%.
She was on high dose vit C , celebrex and few other medicines but she complained of headache and SOB

Started her with low dose anti viral combo, Ruta, ferrum phos, senega, arnica and sulphur.
Within less than 12 hrs her SpO2 improved to 98 but her headache is still there.
I added in pulsatilla and belladonna and within 1 hr her headache has improved more  than 50 %.
This morning she feels so much better and her cough has improved too.


Child with cough and insomia

Child with cough and insomia

A 6 year old girl came with cough at night only. She could not sleep due to the cough, her mom described it as dry so i gave a combination of spongia, drosera, gelsemium with the regular low dose antiviral. After a day it did’nt improve, so i took more history.

The girl was thin and had eating issues, would not eat well at all. I thought it can be parasites but had no anal itching or any parasite symptoms. I decided to listen to cough so mom recorded it.
Cough sounded like it had stuck sputum inside but only near throat area, I asked if there was nasal congestion, mom said no – so that rules post nasal drip cough.

Devided to give her gartner (failure to eat and thin kid), low dose H202 (for the minor sputum, excellent for night cough) along with hepar sul, Zincum aceticum 3x (she had white spots on nails).

After a dose she slept well at night and is completely well today.


Constipation, insomnia, dry skin

Case of dry flakes on scalp, constipation and insomia

A couple had insomia with hard stools and dry skin. They used to frequently wake up in the night.
Gave ricinus to both, after 3 days their sleep and stools have both corrected completely. The dry flakes on the scalp of both patients also resolved completely.

Note : Castor oil is used as an antifungal/antibacterial especially when stools are dry and hard since castor increases gut mucus and contractality. It works on sleep too and treats insomia. When the triad of constipation, insomia and dry skin is there always use ricinus.


Recurrent fever

Case of recurrent fever

A 30 yr old had recurrent fevers at night with body pain. Covid test came negative twice, CBC showed a slight drop in WBC count. Fever profile – TB, dengue, typhoid, malaria came negative.

Took history – Patient said he has a large fungal lesion on his shin since 8 yrs.

Gave nat mur and anti IL 6 first day; he felt the fever reduce and body pains improve.

The second day sent him curzinc, tellurium, berberis in ticture. After a dose all fever went and so did the pains. The lesion is also healing.

Note : IL 6 is required to kill fungus, it was going high triggering fevers and joint pains, tellurium was chosen because his stools were very foul smelling.

Berberis was added because tellurium does’nt work particularly well on candida species without berberine


Recurrent Malaria

Case of recurrent malaria

Patient had recurrent malaria; 3 times within 6 months. She is very old with a history of heart failure.
She was given lumerax by her doctor. She got an allergic reaction and developed breathlessness, had to be put on emergency oxygen.

Her WBC count was elevated, platelet count was lowering down and she had left flank pain with vomiting.

  • Left flank pain with vomiting with low platelets : it was most likely splenomegaly. Medication for this is ceonathus americana.
  • For High WBC – nat sul, Allergic reaction – apis.

  • For Malaria vivax – chenopodium antihelminthica, artemesia annua, sulphur was given in 30c.4_4_4

After a day all left flank pain had gone, she was off the oxygen and her apetite restored.

After a week without any allopathic drugs whatsoever she has recovered. The smear shows no parasites.

We can treat difficult to treat malaria which would have ideally required lumerax with primaquine or artesunate with primaquine with just the homeopathics. The recovery was immediate, actually within 2 hours her vomiting and fever went away completely.


Urge to pass urine and stools

Frequent urge to pass urine and stols

A patient came with frequent urge to pass urine and said that the urge is constantly there but always the urine doesn’t come out.

There was no burning or pain; so initially I gave arrowroot powder which helped only in increasing urine output but the urge was still there.

So took further history and she said that she is also having constant urge to poop as well and she is passing stools due to which she feels anal burning and her stomach feels very hard but not bloated. I gave her thuja and nux vomica; issue resolved with 2 doses only.

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